About us

ESSE MOOD is here to empower you to unleash your potential and relish your best self.

Whether by using our products or enjoying our services, we aim to create a space for you to embrace your own ESSEnce and live life to the fullest.

In our shop, you will find carefully crafted products with a minimalist and timeless design, inspired by nature, and created to integrate seamlessly in your busy lifestyle. Each item is made with the best quality materials to enhance your well-being and provide practical benefits that support your daily activities.

We believe in the power of environmental consciousness, striving to offer high-quality and environmentally conscious solutions and products.

At ESSE MOOD, we are also proud to offer an array of services, such as retreats, events, workshops, and wellness programs aimed at promoting well-being and helping you reach your best version.

Follow us and stay tuned for all the latest developments, exclusive offers, and fresh content.

THE ESSE MOOD - Corporate Event with food and exercise family with bags and mat for yoga and pilates


Team Buildings | Retreats | Workshops | Mentoring Programs
Corporate or Private
Customized or Ready-made

Whether you’re looking to enhance team dynamics, enjoy a retreat, or engage in workshops, we’ve got you covered.

Our expertise extends to both corporate and private events, ensuring the best experience for all.

Our diverse range of wellness activities are carefully curated to suit your preferences and needs. You have the flexibility to opt for customized programs or explore our ready-made options.

From nature sports to yoga sessions, breathwork, cooking, painting, meditations, and much more, our events are crafted to leave everyone feeling their absolute best.

Partner with us to create unique experiences, or simply reach out to learn more about our offerings!



Our yoga classes are made for everyone. All levels, ages, genders, bodies and schedules are welcome! Here you can find classes that will fit into you busy life and boost your days, leaving you feeling ready to take on the world!


Join us on this inner journey of self-discovery. Our meditations are designed to lower your stress and anxiety levels and promote a whole sense of well-being and connection.